Why Do International Property Buyers Invest in Spanish Property

Buy property in Spain safely with Spanish Hot Properties

Buy property in Spain safely with Spanish Hot Properties

A simple and obvious question posed to me by a colleague today is why do people continue to buy Spanish property in such relative large numbers when on paper there are so many better places to make International property investments? We recently had a buyer who was about to pull out a sale and buy a property in Dubai instead. His reasoning was very simple the rental yields and investment potential was better than Spain. However he still wanted to pursue the sale in Puerto Banus, Spain. So the obvious question is why?

The truth is a very simple one in this recession with such brilliant property bargains to be had and so many amazing finance deals we have lost track of why people buy property in Spain. Yes people are looking for a great deal but in reality they are drawn to Spain and Marbella because of Sunshine, Location and most importantly lifestyle. The majority of our buyers say they are buying for investment but in reality they are not. They are buying for lifestyle.

A simple good example of this is two apartments in the same development with different prices means an investor will buy the cheaper unit because when he rents the property out he will get a better yield however the majority of our buyers will pluck for the more expensive one because it has a better view for when they use the apartment 3 weeks a year, clearly not an investment decision. I came to live in Spain because it was only 4 hours from my house in Andalucía to my meeting in London. This is something the more exotic destinations such as Barbados or even Dubai just can’t deliver. So when you are looking for a property bargain in Spain just remember the reason you’re buying, it’s for lifestyle not investment.


Puerto Banus


The Truth About The Spanish Property Market in Marbella

Luxury Villas in Spain

Spanish Villas

We just received a property for sale in Spain enquiry that just compelled me to write this blog and just illustrates why UK citizens are missing out whilst the rest of the world takes advantage of the Spanish property market.

To quote the buyer on a property that is on our site for 1.25 Million Euros, the clients proposed to pay 200,000 Euros Cash for the property. I suppose if you don’t ask you don’t get but it does show the ignorance of a lot of perspective buyers from the UK mainly being fed from the uneducated UK Press.

The reality is for these would be buyers the best deals were bought last year in the Golden triangle of Puerto Banus, Nueva Andalucía and Marbella or other similar prime location areas in the Marbella property area.

The first example is La Zagaleta where all the great deals between 2 Million and 3 Million Euros have now been taken from the market. So now you will have to pay closer to 3.5 Million Euros for a property you could have bought last year.

Another example is a very good client and friend of mine who bought in a development close to the beach in Puerto Banus for 399,000 Euros. Now the least expensive unit in this development is selling for 525,000€ so in reality my client could actually sell his property now for a profit.

There will always be exceptions to the rule but the reality is that the best deals are in the past and every month that goes by the more likely it is that your property in Spain will cost you more not less.

That is the reality of the market but unfortunately the majority of UK Buyers seem not to think that’s the case mainly fed by the UK Press.


Property for sale in Spain

Property in Marbella

5 Tips on How to Invest in Spanish Property and Make Money.

Spanish property investmentA recent testimonial below from one of our favorite clients shows what can be achieved if you seek professional advice when investing in Spanish property.


Another testimonial for you….  all best Celia

I am thrilled to let you know that your guidance in finding a holiday rental property on the Costa Del Sol delivered and exceeded requirements and potential holiday bookings.  I have 29 confirmed weeks of rental and have only been advertising for less than 3 months.  What a great result.


So for those of you who are interested I thought it would be a good idea to look at the basic investment fundamentals when buying a property to let for Holiday Rentals and own use.


Make sure you choose a good location with demand for Holiday Rentals. For example properties close to Golf and Sea have all year round rental income potential and maybe properties close to amenities and beach do not.


The cheapest property might not always be the best property to buy. A property that is more expensive might be in more desirable holiday rental location thus giving you more holiday rental income. Also the best looking property that you love yourself might not be the best investment for the reason above


Be prepared to spend money marketing your property. These properties do not rent themselves by magic, so be prepared to invest money in the major holiday rental sites as well as making the property available to local agents in Spain.


Spend a little extra furnishing the property so when you put your ads onto holiday rental sites your property stands out from the crowd.


Consult a professional real estate agent you can trust and one that knows the market. Also one who can introduce you to good person or company to manage property for you?

We hope you find the information useful and obviously these are just key points to help point you in the right direction. Each investment is unique but with the right approach and making the right choices there is no reason why you can’t invest in Spanish property and make money.


Spanish property

Spanish Property Investment

8 Important Factors that Force Spanish Property Prices Down

luxury Villa in Marbella

Marbella Luxury Villas

With the Spanish property crisis continuing I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the why property prices are so low and also see why these reasons don’t apply to luxury property sales in Marbella and Mallorca

1) Employment and expectations of finding a job: due to the unemployment rate in Spain (25%), most people are reluctant to commit themselves to buying a home. Obviously most people buying luxury villas in Mallorca or Marbella this is not a factor.

2) Financing: financing is non-existent in the real estate sector, and the granting of mortgage loans is unlikely to return to normal over the coming months due to uncertainty regarding the macroeconomic situation. In the current climate banks want to avoid any type of risk. Again the majority of buyers of luxury homes in Spain are cash buyers.

3) Interest rates: the euribor is at a record low level of 0.5%, which means that now would be a good time to take out a mortgage. However, the banks are applying ever higher differentials, a sign that they do not want to increase their property exposure any further. Again not a factor for cash buyers

4) Taxes and deductions: two factors which will push house prices down are the rise in VAT from 4% to 10% for new-build purchases and the end of home purchase tax deductions, which come into effect this year. However, falling house prices will offset the tax benefits which were available up until the end of 2012. So again not really an issue for would be high end buyers.

5) SOCIMIs and renting: the reform of Act 11/2009, which regulates SOCIMIs (listed real estate companies), has been approved with a view to incentivizing the house rental market. Furthermore, the government is currently pushing through a reform of the Lease Act, which shows that it is focusing on strengthening the rental market. According to Nick Stuart, the more rental housing available, the better for everyone and house prices will fall even further. Again this will have an effect but will be felt much more on the market below 600.000€

6) The stock of available housing: the more homes there are on the market, the lower house prices will fall. However, as Nick Stuart managing director of Spanish Hot Properties points out, the real estate market in Spain differs widely across local housing markets, and in some areas there is no stock of available housing, which means that this variable will be neutral with respect to house prices.

7) The creation of Sareb: the creation of Spain´s bad bank will not slow the downward trend in house prices, although it will not push them down either, in the opinion of the chief executive of a property valuation agency. In his view, the objective of Sareb will be the management and divestment of property assets, within a time frame of no more than 15 years. He added that Sareb will manage housing developments and land but will not sell homes to individuals. Instead, it will focus on institutional investors.  Again the reality is that very few desirable homes are repossessed in relation to the rest of the market.
8) Finally and most importantly it’s one word CONFIDENCE or currently the lack of it when that’s low coupled with bad international press for Spain then it’s always likely to dent house prices. However in relation to the luxury property market most people buying are very savvy and can see though these mirages or reasons not to buy.
So in conclusion property prices are likely to stay low for the a little while yet but we are already at the bottom for the luxury property market in Mallorca and Marbella

Spanish Hot Properties
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All Change at Spanish Hot Properties

SPANISH HOT PROPERTY LOGOlinked inSpanish Hot Properties has gone through some major restructuring over the last 6 months and we have changed from one site to 6 different sites but all under the name Spanish Hot Properties.

Each domain is designed to help buyers in their own languages and we now have the resources to look after those clients in their own language.


The most obvious one but this website caters for our biggest market, the English speaking one and covers all English speaking clients but especially those from Ireland and the UK.


The major reason for the change as we are a Spanish registered company it makes sense that the local market know we exist and know we have exceptional products if they want that higher level of service that they just won’t get from a local Spanish agent. Also the international property market in Spain is only 6% of the whole market so it’s a very big market to have a slice of.


Another big part of our business with Russian speaking staff on the ground our Russian website is one of the few that has been professionally translated to a level that all Russian speakers can understand.


The French speaking site really covers Belgium, France, Switzerland and some African countries but the majority of clients are coming from Belgium and France.


This is where our old .com site redirects to and just deals with the German speaking buyers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


This site not only deals with clients from Norway but for the whole of Scandinavia as most people from Sweden, Denmark and Norway understand each other’s language. This is another big market for us.

So whatever European language you speak we have the site for you and with Swedish and Dutch sites due in 2013 we more or less have every major European language covered.

Hopefully Spanish Hot Properties will be able to help you no matter what nationality you are.



Serious Spanish Property Investors Making Money in the Recession

Spanish property

Spanish property

It might be hard to believe but it’s true that the decisive decision making property investors are making money whilst the part time investor still dreams of doing so!
This was recently illustrated by two amazing sales that recently took place a Villa in 400 M2 built in Puerto Banus area selling for an Incredible 600,000 Euros when it was worth well over 1 Million and a 3 Bedroom apartment in Bahia de Banus selling for just over 370,000 Euros when the cheapest other property in this prime location development is selling for over 600,000.

Both of these properties could now be sold by the investor who could expect to sell at a profit including the high selling and buying costs in Spain and still offer the new buyer a fantastic deal. For example if you bought the same unit in Bahia de Banus for 525,000 you would have still got a brilliant deal but the investor would have made 20% on his money inside 3 months.

Saying this some investors have different exit strategies some would make a quick exit and some would hold on to prime location assets expecting as much as 100% profit before costs taking a two to three year view.

So how do these investors manage to get these deals before other would be buyers? In reality it’s all about good business decisions, preparation and professionalism.
Firstly those good business decisions include finding a professional company to represent their interests and not trying to work with lots of agents. Professional people are able to locate the right business partner and put trust in them. Whereas a part time investor would probably register with 100s of agents because they would be frightened of missing out on a deal. The other reality is that some investors won’t even visit the property and will act on the advice of their agent they have decided to work with.

Secondly a serious decision making investor would have everything in place and ready to act so that when the right property or opportunity became available they were in a position to act before anyone else. This would involve having chosen a Lawyer and having the necessary funds in place to put down the required deposit immediately.

Lastly is the degree of professionalism when choosing the company to work with and doing their homework and understanding what they want to achieve and at what level below market value they are prepared to enter the market at. These investors after taking advice from their advisors will know when to act and in reality they do act.

Unfortunately the part time investor or buyer looking for an amazing deal doesn’t follow the same professional approach. The biggest mistake they make is to approach in excess of 10 agents which shows a complete lack of understanding of the property market in Costa del Sol. Also it’s pretty clear that an agent is going to look after clients that are exclusive to them before they look after the client who is working with several agents, that’s just normal good business practice. What this means is that the part time investor is always likely to get the crumbs from the dinner table.

If you would like to know more about serious property investment in Spain visit Spanish Hot Properties investor Club or call us today.


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A Seed Change in Spain or Just a Sign of the Times?


Property in Spain

A recent survey carried out by ING International on the home-buying habits of countries reveals that Spaniards are no longer obsessed with buying their own home. According to the survey only 60% now believe that buying is better than renting, from a financial point of view, a figure which puts it behind many other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, France or even Germany, a country which has traditionally favored renting.  This obviously begs the question is this just due to the recession or will this be longer lasting?

The survey also showed that even though 71% of Europeans think that house prices are high, many of them still think that prices will continue to rise next year. Spaniards and Dutch are the only Europeans who do not follow this trend, as they believe that house prices will continue to fall in their countries in 2013. Only 10% of those interviewed in Spain think prices will go up next year, while over 50% firmly believe they will go down. That would obviously make the local Spanish people extremely perceptive as it’s pretty clear that bar prime location areas such as Mallorca and Marbella prices are unlikely to rise in 2013 but if they will fall further that is very much more of a debate and you will see a huge variances in the different regions of Spain

In line with this, 80% of Spaniards think that house prices in Spain are high, a figure which is only surpassed by Luxemburg, Italy and Austria. Again one would have to agree with them but Spain has particularly unique problems where the incomes of the local residents do not match the property values and local housing needs to fall further for these families and first time buyer to enter the market.

So as for it being a seed change or just a short term feeling until the Spanish property recessions is over, only time will tell

Why not contact visit http://www.spanishhotproperties.co.uk/ to find out more


Spanish property recessions




Is the Spanish Property Market the place to Invest in 2013?

Spanish property investmentWith the news that Spain has got off to a flyer in 2013. Spain had hoped to sell up to €5 billion Euros of bonds; instead, it managed €5.8 billion Euros—and at yields well below previous issues of similar bonds. As a result, Spanish 10-year bond yields have fallen decisively below 5% for the first time since March 2012. For Spain, the successful auction is further confirmation that it is regaining investors’ confidence and vindicated its decision not to seek emergency support from the European Central Bank. The Spanish government has also taken a range of issues but has tackled the troubled banking sector which being recapitalized and restructured. The number of banks has fallen to 12 from 50, the number of branches is down 14% and employees are down 13%, with further substantial cost cuts to come. Spanish banks have also regained access to bond markets and may be able to repay some ECB funding at the end of this month. All this puts Spain in a good position to come out of the recession a lot stronger than a lot of experts predicted.

So how does this impact on the Spanish property market? Obviously the most important point here is when trying to attract investors the number on word that screams out I CONFIDENCE. If an investor is confident in the market place then they are more likely to invest in that market. Spain is also taking real initiatives to find buyers for its huge housing stock as signaled by its intention to try and get more overseas property buyers from the Middle East, China and Russia by giving residency to those who buy a property in excess of 160,000 Euros. Whilst this has yet to become law it shows the Government is thinking outside of the box. This idea makes far much more sense than trying to reduce taxes to sell properties. Just make it easier for those who want to buy and a 160,000 is not much to pay for a safe haven. In Cyprus where they have a 300,000 Euro entry limit the number on Chinese buyers has increased considerably.

What do these initiatives mean for buying investment property in Spain? The obvious one is if some of the excess stock can be taken from the market then price rises are likely to come sooner rather than later once the housing market recovers. Let’s not forget that most bank repossessions are being sold well below replacement value thus making Spanish property very attractive from a capital growth point of view. South of Spain also has the warmest winter weather than any other part of Western Europe and will always have a substantial international property market that won’t be affected by local market conditions. The other major factor is that Spain is pretty close to the bottom of the cycle if it not already there. As any good investor will tell you the best time to buy is before it hits bottom and the best time to sell is before it hits the top.

So is the Spanish property market the best place to invest in 2013? The answer depends on your own views and interpretations of the fundamentals but Spain has a lot going for it when compared to other overseas property investment opportunities and when you can buy below replacement value its certainly worth further investigation and research.
I personally very optimistic but maybe it won’t be until the second half of 2013 until everything starts to fly off the shelf.


Spanish Government Official site

Property investment in Spain



The Spanish Bad Bank by Name Bad Bank by Nature


Marbella Property in 2012

The bad bank in Spain known as SAREB has shown its true nature and why we will be staying well clear of having any business relationship with the bank.

We see the problems on the ground with buyers at La Duquesa Village and Bahia de Plata from Caixa Catalunya experiencing horrendous problems with those banks now being nationalized not having there agreed obligations to finance the said purchases honored by SAREB. This means that 100s of Spanish house sales representing  millions of Euros of house sale in effect being cancelled. This is the same situation with the banks that have been nationalized holding stock in the Medina de Banus development.

It’s really hard enough to find would be Spanish property buyers in this market without SAREB having no comprehension about selling to the international property buyer. We alluded to the problems the bank would have last month and unfortunately it’s actually worse than we predicted.

The bad bank, created as a condition of a European bailout of as much as 100 billion euros for Spain’s banking industry, will have 90,000 homes within about two years, Sareb General Director Antonio Carrascosa said on Nov. 27. The Bankia group alone will transfer 38 billion euros in real estate loans and 12 billion euros of foreclosed assets by gross value to the bad bank.

Sareb will buy foreclosed assets at an average discount of 63 percent to book value. That includes reductions of as much as 80 percent for foreclosed land, 63 percent for foreclosed unfinished housing developments and 32 percent for loans to finance finished apartments, according to the state rescue fund known as FROB.
However we come back to the same old problem if the bank doesn’t know how to deal with International property buyers how are they going to shift the stock no matter what the price is. 2013 should be a very interesting time to say the least.


Spanish bank repossessions


Your Complete Guide to Buying Property in Spain

Buy property in Spain safely with Spanish Hot Properties

Quite simply Spain has something for everyone and is the chosen second home or holiday home location for all of Northern Europe. Whilst UK citizens make up about half of all international Spanish property purchasers there are still plentiful buyers of Spanish property from Scandinavia, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Russia (to name but a few) who are attracted to Spain for its year-round sun, stunning scenery, brilliant golf courses, excellent transport and, most importantly, the Spanish way of life. Increasingly, more people are looking to change their lives and lifestyle. Spain is becoming not only a holiday home destination, but somewhere to emigrate tofor the long term. With the fantastic flight and Airport infrastructure you can travel directly to almost anywhere in the world from Spain at competitive prices. So, a businessman based in Málaga could easily live there and still run a successful business in Northern Europe.

How do I reserve my dream property?

Once you have found your ideal property then you will need to place a reservation deposit which is currently 6000 Euros. Deposit payment can be made by credit card or bank transfer and will be held in your name. Wedon’t recommend that you carry cash in your pocket but do ensure that this sum is readily available as a delay could mean your dream becoming another person’s reality. Payment of this sum fixes the price, confirms your intention to buy and means that the property is taken off the market and reserved for you and will stop you getting gazumped.

How do I obtain a Mortgage and what costs are involved?

If required. It is important to select the mortgage that is right for you,taking into consideration your personal circumstances. It might be that you prefer to raise capital in your home country before arriving in Spain. Do let us know if you require a Spanish mortgage so that we can advise you prior to your departure to bring with you all the necessary documentation and receive the expert advice you need. If you require a mortgage and prefer to use a Spanish lender you will usually be able to borrow up to 70% of the value of your property repayable over 10 – 30 years depending on your age. Generally your repayments must not exceed 35% of your net monthly income or joint monthly income if two people are applying. Costs involved can amount to 3 – 4 per cent of the amount you are borrowing. Spanish Hot Properties would also recommend that you consult our approved mortgage broker prior to your visit so they can help you ascertain what options would be available to you.

Should I use a Spanish Lawyer?

Probably the most important step is to instruct a Lawyer. We recommend that you select someone with local knowledge who speaks your language. Spanish Hot Properties believes using a Spanish Lawyer is a must. Your lawyer will carry out numerous checks to ensure that your chosen property is indeed owned by the person selling it and that it has been marketed correctly. Your lawyer will also ensure that there are no undeclared debts owing on the property and that all service bills and taxes are paid up to date. Using a lawyer safeguards your investment and means that when you receive ownership of your property you will not inherit any outstanding debts.

What costs are involved in buying a property in Spain?
The purchase taxes vary depending on whether you buy a new build property or a resale:

New Build property:
• Stamp duty – 1.5% of the purchase price
• No transfer tax
• VAT, at 4% (reduced from 8% in 2012) Due to increase to 10% on 1 January 2013
Resale property
• No stamp duty
• Transfer tax – 8% of the first €400,000 and 9% on over €400.000 and 10% over €700,000.
• If buying with a mortgage besides the normal costs, it will also be necessary to pay stamp duty on the mortgage liability amount at 1.8%
Additional costs
• notary fees which may range from 300 – 1.000€ depending on the price of your property
• fees to register the property of about 60% of the notary charge.These amounts will will be around 10% to 11% of the purchase price.

What is my budget?
This is the most important question you should ask yourself before you begin your property search. Work out your budget and then deduct 10% buying costs from that budget. Now visit the home page of our website and go to our specialized property search and check out the various properties on offer. Alternatively you can contact us with your budget and somebody from the Spanish Hot Properties team will send you a selection of the best available properties for your budget.

What if I still can’t decide?

That’s one of the easier question to answer just contact Spanish Hot Properties and one or our dedicated team will only be too pleased to discuss your own situation in
detail and give you the correct advice to put you on track on for your Spanish property search. We will also be able to help you with any specific questions with regards to living in Spain and any other general questions that you may have.

We hope you have found this article helpful and below are some useful authority links if you want to investigate further.

Property in Spain

Buying property in Spain UK goverment advice