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Are you searching the internet for your dream property in Spain and already have so many wonderful properties to pick from? If so my advice to you is that your time would be much better spent searching for the right Spanish property agent who has your interests at heart but most importantly you must find an agent you can trust.

In Costa del Sol alone there are over 600 international real estate agent s but the truth is only 10 or 20 of them are what I would call totally professional in everything they do and from your point of view it’s very important that you end up with one of the top 5% of agents.


1    In Costa del Sol we operate something very similar to the American MLS system this means that every property for sale in Costa del Sol, some 25,000 can all be shown to you by one agent. So there is no need to go out with multiple agents

2    Believe it or not it actually becomes much harder to make a decision when you have viewed different properties with different agents. In reality the agent can only give you advice on the properties that he has shown you but the less professional ones may well run down a property in the hope that you will buy from them. However if your exclusive to one professional agent who knows he is going to get paid no matter what then  they can sit down and actually help you make the right decision once you have finished your viewings.

3    The agents that are only local to a certain area will not be able to give you a professional overview of the whole area and what area is right for you. So picking an agent who has a proven track recording in selling properties in all areas of Costa del Sol is essential.

4    The likelihood is that it will be pot luck if all the agents who show you properties have the right professional qualities needed to make sure you buy safely and securely here in Spain and have the experience in dealing with international property buyers which is quite different to selling to local clients who have bought in Spain before.

So if you take my advice and want to find one real estate company that will take care of everything for and most importantly one you can trust what things should you look out for to make sure you end up with best agent possible


1    Without doubt the number one point for me is that the agent in question has a proven track record in selling to international clients. By this is in a position to explain to you the full buying process in Spain, The pitfalls of buying certain types of properties.

2    A professional agent should be able to introduce you to the right professional people such as Lawyers, Architects and Accountants.  However they shouldn’t be in Cahoots with these professional people. For example at Spanish Hot Properties we have Lawyers in Spain page that recommends 4 different Lawyers who we know would never let our clients down.

3    Check out their testimonials either on their company Facebook page as these reviews are made by real people and if necessary actually speak to the person who gave the testimonial. In reality the agent will have no problem arranging this if the Testimonial was for real in the first place. One of our problems is our Testimonials are too good and people don’t believe our clients could be that happy.

4    Brand name, most of the best agents very much care about their image and brand name so if you pick a company with an established brand it is more likely to be one of the professional ones.

If you’re about to buy in Spain for the first time and invest your hard earned money into Spanish property it’s very important that you surround yourself with the best professional people possible and finding the right agent to work with you can trust is without doubt the number one factor for you buying in Spain safely and securely. So don’t leave it to chance and make sure you make the right choice when choosing your real estate agent in Spain.
Good luck and if you decide to choose Spanish Hot Properties I will only be too pleased to help you.


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