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SPANISH HOT PROPERTY LOGOlinked inSpanish Hot Properties has gone through some major restructuring over the last 6 months and we have changed from one site to 6 different sites but all under the name Spanish Hot Properties.

Each domain is designed to help buyers in their own languages and we now have the resources to look after those clients in their own language.

The most obvious one but this website caters for our biggest market, the English speaking one and covers all English speaking clients but especially those from Ireland and the UK.

The major reason for the change as we are a Spanish registered company it makes sense that the local market know we exist and know we have exceptional products if they want that higher level of service that they just won’t get from a local Spanish agent. Also the international property market in Spain is only 6% of the whole market so it’s a very big market to have a slice of.

Another big part of our business with Russian speaking staff on the ground our Russian website is one of the few that has been professionally translated to a level that all Russian speakers can understand.

The French speaking site really covers Belgium, France, Switzerland and some African countries but the majority of clients are coming from Belgium and France.

This is where our old .com site redirects to and just deals with the German speaking buyers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

This site not only deals with clients from Norway but for the whole of Scandinavia as most people from Sweden, Denmark and Norway understand each other’s language. This is another big market for us.

So whatever European language you speak we have the site for you and with Swedish and Dutch sites due in 2013 we more or less have every major European language covered.

Hopefully Spanish Hot Properties will be able to help you no matter what nationality you are.



A Seed Change in Spain or Just a Sign of the Times?


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A recent survey carried out by ING International on the home-buying habits of countries reveals that Spaniards are no longer obsessed with buying their own home. According to the survey only 60% now believe that buying is better than renting, from a financial point of view, a figure which puts it behind many other countries such as Italy, the United Kingdom, France or even Germany, a country which has traditionally favored renting.  This obviously begs the question is this just due to the recession or will this be longer lasting?

The survey also showed that even though 71% of Europeans think that house prices are high, many of them still think that prices will continue to rise next year. Spaniards and Dutch are the only Europeans who do not follow this trend, as they believe that house prices will continue to fall in their countries in 2013. Only 10% of those interviewed in Spain think prices will go up next year, while over 50% firmly believe they will go down. That would obviously make the local Spanish people extremely perceptive as it’s pretty clear that bar prime location areas such as Mallorca and Marbella prices are unlikely to rise in 2013 but if they will fall further that is very much more of a debate and you will see a huge variances in the different regions of Spain

In line with this, 80% of Spaniards think that house prices in Spain are high, a figure which is only surpassed by Luxemburg, Italy and Austria. Again one would have to agree with them but Spain has particularly unique problems where the incomes of the local residents do not match the property values and local housing needs to fall further for these families and first time buyer to enter the market.

So as for it being a seed change or just a short term feeling until the Spanish property recessions is over, only time will tell

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Spanish Hot Properties Now in Six Languages

We are really pleased to announce that we have completed the final part of Phase two of our complete website overhaul. Whilst most of the work on the website has been at the back office to accommodate local and international agents who are sending us more and more clients the front end has the addition of two very important languages Norweigan and French. This now brings the final total of languages up to 6 after English, Spanish, Russian and German
At Spanish Hot Properties we fully appreciate the changing and diverse Spanish property market and no longer can an International property agent rely just on UK clients. In 2008 60% of all International property purchases were bought by UK citizens but in 2011 that dropped to 18%. In Alicante Russians are now the number one buyers of Spanish property.
With the six languages at our disposal we now in reality cover all of Western Europe and most of east. For example most Danes and Swedes speak Norwegian and most of the eastern block has some understanding of Russian or German. This is important for vendors who know that they have every opportunity to sell their property if they put it up for sale with us.
Property buyers from Norway make up about 5% of the market but when you add Sweden and Denmark into the equation its closer to 12% so this will help enormously in increasing awareness and sales from this part of the world.
Property buyers in France and Belgium actually make up the second largest group of buyers behind that of the UK, However that is a little misleading as that would include a lot of sales in the Tarragona, Girona and Barcelona regions just over the French border. However most Belgium citizens who buy will be looking in Costa del Sol.
We hope that all our new visitors from France and Norway appreciate our site and service standards just like our other visitors. For more information about Spanish Hot Properties just call us or fill in a contact form on the site.



Spain Still Paying the Price for Language Failure.

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Only 28 per cent of 16 year olds speak good English, well below the European average of 42 per cent which has big implications for the long term of the Spanish economy and basically it’s not good news.
At the recent G-20 summit US President Barack Obama approached Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to say hello. Their “conversation” lasted no more than a few seconds. There was little more they could say to each other without the help of an interpreter. However to be fair he didn’t say the words Hola and as far as I know the President of the free world doesn’t speak Spanish. The situation was much the same with Rajoy’s predecessor. The image of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero sitting by himself staring at his papers while the rest of the international leaders chatted away in little groups illustrated the stupidity of it all. The difference being the president of the USA doesn’t have to speak Spanish but it is very desirable for the prime minister of Spain to be able to do so. As you see from local business on the ground in Spain the ones that speak more than just Spanish have a huge advantage.
The failure of the prime ministers on the language front is merely a reflection of Spanish society as a whole. And the future is not all that promising. In fact only 28 per cent of 16 year old students are competent in English while the European average is 42 per cent, according to the European Survey on Language Competences whose results were revealed by the EU last week. This will certainly not help inward investment and Spain’s drive to bring big multi nationals from the USA over to Spain.
Of the 14 countries examined Spain is ninth when it comes to competence in the first foreign language (English), behind countries such as Sweden, Malta, Holland, Estonia or Slovenia. However the situation improves considerably in the case of the second foreign language (French) where Spain comes third. This improvement has been put down to the fact that French is optional and students who learn it are more applied.
The survey takes into account three aspects: listening, reading and writing. The EU considers a student competent in a language if they have reached levels B1 or B2, or in other words, that they can understand the main points in a speech or text. This is something the majority of Spanish students are incapable of doing. The Spanish students fare worst in listening comprehension where 76 per cent fall beneath the required level. In Sweden, top of the table, barely nine per cent of students failed the listening test. Only France and England (in the latter case French is considered the first foreign language) have worse marks than Spain in this section.
So what is the solution to this huge problem if Spain is to attract the inward investment that other countries such as Sweden and Estonia have over Spain. The sunshine and lifestyle only accounts for so much but in the business world being multi lingual is a huge advantage.
Interestingly the Spanish property market is one where the sun is maybe more important than the language but that is one of the major exceptions to the rule but as a business were successful because we hire multilingual people.
Spanish Hot Properties are able to survive in the very competitive property for sale in Spain market due to the fact that its embraces all the different languages in the world and if we can’t speak a language we find someone who can.

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