Spanish Hot Properties Infomation Videos on You Tube Channel

Since we have changed the look of the site to a more of a luxury style like our very first version I thought I’d spend some time and revisit our videos on the Spanish Hot Properties You Tube Video Channel.

Interestingly the two main ones done back in 2008 have really stood the test of time with the only downside being the reference to the strong and stable Euro but all things considered that’s not bad considering what has happened in the last two years plus.

This is our most recent uploaded video of the wonderful Capanes del Golf which shows the truly luxury that is for sale and and with 45% discounts you can see why they are selling out.

This was the Sotogrande Video we uploaded last night which really does show Sotogrande at its very best as to whether they will ever get this project off the ground time will tell.

The Benatalaya video was probably the biggest waste of time going as it has sold so well there are only two units left.

So I hope you get a chance to pay a visit to our You Tube Video Channel and let me know what you think.